Witch Slap Spellcast
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Witch Slap Spellcast

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Someone need to have their attention reverted back to you?

Someone acting a fool?

Someone taking risks and chances that are no good and/or dangerous for them?


Then it's time for a Witch Slap!!


This spell offering will bring the target's mindset back to whatever it is that they are diverted from. Just slap some sense into them through magick! Their thoughts and dreams will bring about an understanding of their actions and revert them back to a path that will take them in a better direction.


*Please remember that what your definition of "better direction" and theirs might by will probably be a bit different...but this spellcast is meant to work in the target's highest good.



I will need the name of the person that you are looking to "slap some sense into" and the issue, decision, event, or behavior that is needing re-direction. (just a brief summary will do so I can create the best resulting spell)

I will perform the spell on your behalf with candle(s) and my special herb and oils blends using my lineage ritual. The candle(s) will have been prepared specifically for you and will be inscribed with my power sigils and the appropriate words together with the your name. As the candle burns I perform the spell ritual with incantation. This ensures the spell has the best possible effect and helps the spell's energy pass into the universal flow and is directed to you and the desired outcome.

All my spells are cast using ritual prepared candles dressed with carefully sourced items and ingredients including herb and oil blends.

I give every spell I cast my total attention and always perform them in calm and peaceful surroundings without distraction.

With each spell cast, I will send you a picture of your candle being burned on my working altar along with simple information that you can use to add your personal energies if you desire as well.