Witch Spirit - Custom Conjure
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Witch Spirit - Custom Conjure

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Witch spirits bring with them amazing magickal abilities in all areas as well as a desire to teach and preserve. They will work on your behalf for any and all magickal endeavors regardless of what you would consider the 'color of magick' requested. With hundreds of years of knowledge and experience, their magick is swift, precise, and directed. They will also help you in your own magickal endeavors working to align your spells to the correct universal flow for the best possible outcomes. They will also open up to you your own personal spiritual path and knowledge. Pulling your esoteric knowledge from the depths and bringing it to a place within you that allows you to reconnect with your skills, talents, and gifts. Magick and manifestation will become your second nature.

Enhanced 3rd Eye Abilities
Prophetic Dreams
Promoting and Guiding Astral Travel
Wish Manifestation Magick
Deflection of Negative Energy
Rebounding Hexes and Curses
Drawing Abundance & Prosperity
Good Luck
Deepening of Self-awareness and Understanding
Personal Growth and Development
Release of Negative Aspects
Overcoming Fear and Hesitation
Ascension Into Full Power
Relief from Depression and Anxiety
Assistance through Loss and Grief
Enrichment of Spirituality and Sense of Connection with All That Is
Enhancement of Spirit Communication
Inner Wisdom
Improved Health & Healing
Cleansing of the Aura
Relief of Depression, Stress and Hopelessness
Wish Manifestation Magick
Aligning the Chakras 

With years of professional experience, I am here to connect you to your spirit companion. Using your energetic identity I will bring about a companion that will be in harmony with your own vibrations, personality, and life style.

Once I have the perfect match for you, I will perform a distant binding to you directly. This deep bond will allow you to call on your companion with ease in the future.

You will receive an email with your Companion's description and name. 

I will also set into the mail a focus bead vessel with a black cord necklace that you can choose to use if you'd like. Your companion will be available to you to call upon receipt of your email and before this focus vessel arrives to you.