Wood Purse Witch Kit
Wood Purse Witch Kit
Wood Purse Witch Kit
Wood Purse Witch Kit
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Wood Purse Witch Kit

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This is an amazing witch kit.

A one of a kind, hand made wood purse that has been a part of a working magickal collection for more than 10 years. 

The purse itself us an amazing charging box for those looking to charge or restore your magickal talisman, amulets, and spirited items.

Inside holds a plethora of witchy goodness.

14 labeled herbs

Chime candles

A brass pendulum

A glass dish for offering or candle holding (drip and stick or fill with sand)

A sparkly journal

A brass resin / incense burner

One set of witches pins

A quartz crystal

1 bottle of Frankincense oil with dropper top 

One hand made money cast candle in glass votive cup


You'll be all set !