ZEEKAH Companion
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ZEEKAH Companion

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This companion has the ultimate protection for you. The only direction he needs is who is off-limits to him. Zeeka feeds off negativity and wants nothing more than to absorb incoming and outgoing energy that is not conducive to your well-being.
He presents as a dark mist or shadow. He will come to you in dreams and mediations as himself, but typically, he is not always in focus. The people he goes after will often complain of odd smells, such as burning rubber, garbage, feces, rotten fish, sewer. His attacks are not an all at once and then done, normally it's long and drawn out causing the most earth-shattering disruptions in one's life. What happens to a victim is not your choice, only how long it happens is.
Powerful Protection
Projection and Targeting
Far-reaching Spread of Intention and Spell Effects
Psychic Vampirism
Energetic Regeneration and Rejuvenation
Revenge Magick
Undermining and Binding of Enemy Efforts
Erosion of a Target’s Concentration, Discipline, and Motivation
Expansion and Development of Magick Abilities
Deepening of Intuition
Seeing Through Deception

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