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Hello my magickal friend! 

My name is Annika and I'm a proud witch that has been practicing  my craft, intuitive development, and energy work for over 35 years. I have come to my own practice type that I love to share with others so that they can Live a Magickal Life every day. 

I offer magickal items, tools, and information that bring practical ways to empower people so they can manifest their most magickal life. 

You'll find me hanging out in my Witchful Ways Facebook group and chatting on my podcast. Come hang out with me!

What can I do to Help You?

I offer insight, guidance, tools, and an ah-mazing membership to allow you to manifest and Live a Magickal Life every single day.

The Circle Membership

A membership that offers information and guidance in living a magickal life daily. 

A wonderful opportunity to surround yourself with like minded people who will support you in your spiritual path and growth. 

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Spell Cast Club

Spell casts performed for you on the full moon and new moon of every month plus weekly and specialty casts just for you.

Enchanted Jewelry

Items that will bring magickal energies into your every day life.

Spirit Companions

Companions that are ready to perform magickal tasks just for you. They are magickal energies personified. 

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