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Hiya! I'm Annika.....

And yes, I'm a witch! I'm also an intuitive psychic and card reader and I've been practicing both for over 35 years. I help people develop their intuitive skills and those that struggle with making witchcraft part of their daily lives by offering courses, classes, tools and magickal mentoring to help them learn practical ways to use both their psychic or mediumship abilities along with witchery to empower themselves so they can manifest their most magickal life. 

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I provide tools, resources, and services to take you from overwhelmed to empowered with practical everyday practices to support your goals in life.

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I love to create things to help you along in your magickal journey as well as offer services to support your intentions. You'll find tools, talisman, services, and my sought after candles just to name a few things. Digital products too!

Sister Circle Membership 

This is THE place to come together in a community of other ah-mazing women to learn and share. In the Sister Circle you'll find classes, LIVE interaction, Energy Alignments, Full and New Moon virtual gatherings, and so much more.

Witchcraft & Intuitive Development Courses

  Comprehensive courses that allow you to dive in to discover and develop your witchcraft and intuitive skills. Sharing with you real, actionable information that you can use to step into Living a Magickal Life each and every day!

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